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You can do so via the FORUM. Scroll down to the MEDIA section and click on the CHRISTIAN VIDEOS. A new page will load in. Scroll down and on the right in darker blue towards the bottom you will see POST NEW THREAD. Click on it. A new page will load in. There is a place for a THREAD TITLE at the top and underneath there are three small blocks: CREATE THREAD, UPLOAD A FILE AND PREVIEW. Type a title for your video in the THREAD TITLE. Under the THREAD TITLE you will see a bar with a lot of small icons in it. Move over to the right till you see the smiley face. Skip the next image and then click on the following one which is the MEDIA button. You will now be asked to ENTER MEDIA URL. Copy and paste the URL in the black rectangle and click on EMBED just under it. Your video has been posted.