Let everything that has breath praise the LORD! Psalm 150:6 ESV


AMAZING: Man dies, SEES VISION OF HEAVEN!!! Find out what he saw & heard!!!

  • janetlyman1

    so moving and wished now that dad would've come back so i could've told him how much i love and miss him, but it was to late and this was the last of 3 deaths we had from before thanksgiving to the week before christmas. my tortoiseshell himalayan sandy passed the week before thanksgiving and she would've been 16 earlier this month, then my second cousin 4 days before dad and then dad after that. i experienced his passing here was woken up out of a sound sleep heard him moan and then felt a breeze a gentle one and a half hour later got a phone call from my younger sister who said he had passed and i told her i knew it as i had felt/heard him go and turns out was the only one who was able to feel/experience it! don't know why i keep tearing up, but it's helping me to get the grief out and heal! thank you god for taking care of him, cousin nori, and sandy! i know they are around have seen evidence of dad talking through my dept. boss at work as well as a coworker and i could tell it was him and not them! have seen sandy in cloud images and the last time i saw her there was a rainbow afterwards meaning she had special plans for me and indeed she did as we found the right kitty to add to our household who matched our busy lifestyle and she even rubs around our dog who hates anybody new and has taken to her! thank you sandy and dad! love and miss you oh, so much

  • Rebecca

    I thought that was such a beautiful video if anything like these people explain it to be I am not sacred to die and go to heaven it sounds amazing///