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Jesus Passionately Loves You!

Jesus passionately loves you

Did you know that Jesus longs to embrace you, pour out his love on you and bless you? He cares deeply about you but sadly because of sin a great divide separates you from the riches of his love.

What is sin?

When you were born, God gave you a conscience and implanted in your mind his truth about right and wrong. He revealed to us that to live selfishly, to have hate in our hearts, to live with pride and to commit sexual immorality, such as watching pornography, is wrong.

Jesus said "everyone who is angry with his brother will be liable to judgment; whoever insults his brother will be liable to the council; and whoever says, 'You fool!' will be liable to the hell of fire." Bible - Matthew 5 - ESV

You, like all of us, have fallen short of God’s holy law and the multitude of our sins must be punished by God because he is holy, just and righteous.

The rescue plan

Sin has caused us to become separate from God but God longs to embrace us and love us. Therefore, God enacted his plan and made himself into a man by the name of Jesus. This Jesus faced all the choices you and I face; to love to hate, to be selfish or selfless to seek revenge or to seek mercy. When tempted Jesus decided, without fault, to do what is right. Jesus was guiltless.

Then Jesus did something amazing, He arranged that He should carry our sins and be put to death on a cross (the cross then was like our electric chair today). He bore all of our sins and all of our guilt and he took all of our punishment, what we rightly deserve, and he died for us. Jesus died in your place so that you do not have to. Your sin is like a million-dollar fine which you can’t pay and Jesus has come to pay that fine.

If you repent of your sins, turn to Jesus and give Him your life, He will forgive your sin and give you new life with Him. Jesus longs to be with you, embrace you and pour out His love on you. Repent of your sin today and accept the free gift of forgiveness from Jesus.

1) Repent (turn back from) all evil things you have done

2) Make a decision to live for Jesus Christ from now on

3) Acknowledge that Jesus took your punishment on your behalf.

4) Pray this with us out loud:
"Lord Jesus, I recognize that I have sinned. I choose to turn from sin today. I believe that you died in my place and for my sins. From this day forward, choose to live for and follow you. Thank you for your forgiveness! I thank you so much that you love me. In Jesus' name I pray."

Please let us know about your decision

I Prayed This for the First Time Today!

I Just Recommitted Myself to Christ

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