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Carbon Monoxide 12 Facts you Should Know

Even in the home, carbon monoxide can poison you. Also, it can occur in a car. To understand the danger of gas, read these two stories. You can get the best Carbon dioxide detector on our place.

Carbon monoxide is a poison that can be fatal. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention statistics, 400 people die each year because of carbon monoxide.

Another story. In Sweetwater County in Wyoming, USA two days before I started writing this, both a father, and a son, died from carbon monoxide. They were poisoned because a propane stove was left running in an ice fisherman’s hut overnight.

You can see from these two accounts how dangerous the gas is. This gas is dangerous and you need to know about it in order for you to be able take the necessary measures.

You can learn 12 important facts about carbon dioxide. You should know all 12 facts. Tell your whole family about the facts.

Carbon monoxide can be produced when carbon-containing products such as fuel oil, gasoline, kerosene or wood are not completely burned.
The gas can also be generated at your house, for example, by a lawnmower, fireplace or water heater. The car can also generate the energy.
You must use these devices with good ventilation. You can reduce CO levels to safer levels by doing this. CO buildup will occur if the ventilation system fails.
CO gas is a deadly poison. After you inhale it, the CO replaces oxygen in blood.
CO, which is tasteless odorless colorless is silent killer.
CO can only detected with a CO detector. The presence of CO cannot be detected by your own senses.
This is one of the best systems for home safety. Each unit integrated into your home will give this system more power.
CO poisoning symptoms and influenza symptoms are similar. The symptoms of both are almost identical.
CO levels and time of exposure can affect the severity of symptoms.
As well as nausea, dizziness and fatigue, the first signs of a heart attack include headaches.
Pure gas is a little lighter than normal air. This means that you will have to take the stairs down to escape it.
Carbon monoxide and fire are synonymous.

Make sure you understand all the information. As you read, make sure to understand each fact. Don’t forget the rest of your family.